Week 5

Hel040 Lecture/Seminar

2016-17: 11-12 continuation of Hel 041 investigation

- "The Art of Loop" (broadcast to discuss)
Matthew Herbert, The Art of the Loop, BBC Radio 4, Saturday March 1st 2014, 1030, 2:40 

w6/7 presentations 
- Check and claim presentations
- NIME presentation tutorials (please bring along your chosen paper or project).

*** Presentation Timetable ***

w8 workshop!!!

feedback sheets
criteria and outcomes

Com101 Workshop Demonstration 


Make a mic

Task 6
 - Make a mike

task 6 due: w13
task 6 weighting: logbook (50%)

Other demonstrations for you to investigate
- Simple Oscillator: see chapter 18, Handmade Electronic Music 
- Piezos as sensors and microphones (contact mic)
- The joy of activating a slinky - also try using a Hugh Davies-type wire grid and a guitar (with a fan)
- Hugh Davies 'music for bowed diaphragms'
- Twitching Loudspeakers 
(chapter 5, Handmade Electronic Music)
- Telephone coils: circuit sniffing

- Sensor Technology and Sonic Art


Gift Singularity: One-Up Mims with the Vibrati Punk Console

Build an Addictive Sound Effects Looper

Different Types of Circuit Boards

Creating a Global Network of Christmas Lights

The Bit Blob 2 & Bit Blob Jr.

Sound-Activated and Wearable Light Organ

Programmable Diatonic Doorbell Chimes

Pico Paso and Nebulophone

Weekend Projects Light Theremin Mod


Bodily Interaction / Natural User Interfaces

Light Theremin


Task 6
 - Make a mike

task 6 due: w13
task 6 weighting: logbook (50%)