This module involves the investigation and manipulation of the electronics used for hardware hacking, circuit bending and ‘modding’.  It will include a variety of methods for controlling pre-existing hardware, such as electronic toys and simple battery-powered audio devices. The aims of this experience include the development of sonic assets used in the creation of audio art. Students will gain experience through a series of tasks and projects culminating in a final project, which includes a performance or exhibition. A basic usage of microprocessor technology and coding will be introduced.

The course will also investigate problems of technological performance and obsolescence and digital curation and archival retrieval.

Students will submit their collected exercises in a portfolio, accompanied by audio-visual documentation as necessary and a brief critical evaluation encapsulated in a course logbook. This critical evaluation should place the student’s work in the context of current trends in performance technology as well as providing a basis for the students’ own criteria and judgement. A materials charge may apply for this module; alternatively students may be asked to purchase various materials to work with during the course.